Why Get Professional Training?

Education is primary in developing and growing any successful business. The Smart Detailing University training program is developed to prepare an individual both mentally and emotionally.

Some of the skills that will help you succeed

Auto Detailimh trianing car care

The Smart Detailing University facilities provide a fast-paced, fun and energetic environment where students and educators interact in the ideal learning environment.

The first and most important part of any beginning is understands where to start.   A great start is to set goals and surround oneself with powerful people who can educate and motivate you to succeed.  At Smart Detailing University we have assembled a team of the most knowledgeable, professional and successful business owners, detailers and trainers available. Our educational system is based around our students, assuring that every bit of information we provide brings you closer to taking your business or personal goals to the next level.


Work doesn’t have to be work! With the right tools and a good education detailing is one of the most exciting and fun jobs.

Our in class and in shop hands-on training program is structured to give students the educational tools and systems necessary to start or take your business to the next level. Smart Detailing University has assembled a team of detailing professionals, business owners, product innovators and trained professors to help you build a strong foundation for your business.  Our classes are limited to between 6-8 students to assure that every student receives the maximum amount of one on one training. The Smart Detailing University team is here to provide students with more than an education –  we are here to provide you with the ultimate support system and educational platform to help you excel and succeed.


“Success is not defined by how many hours you work in your business, but by how many hours you’re able to spend NOT working in it!”

A successful and profitable detailing business is one that delivers the best service at the first price in the shortest amount of time.   The entire Smart Detailing University program is built around establishing systems to reduce time while increasing results and profitability. As a Certified School, the Smart Detailing University courses provide attendees with the certification and licensing necessary to start their own lucrative auto detailing businesses.

Auto Detailing Care Care Training

It is this unique balance of students that guarantee the highest level of focused education and interaction to stimulate the classroom environment. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and geographic areas, our students bring a wealth of real-world experience and personal accomplishments to their education. They make engaging classmates, excellent teammates, and lifelong friends.


Who Should Attend this SDU Class?

  • Anyone interested in a complete turnkey business opportunity
  • Investors, business owners, and future entrepreneurs
  • Mobile detailers
  • Auto Enthusiasts Considering a top-tier career in Auto Detailing
  • Detail shop owners
  • Auto detailing retail store owners
  • Auto dealerships selling new and pre-owned vehicles
  • Existing professional detailers
  • Anyone wanting to become an auto detailing training professional
  • People looking to open up multiple locations and distributorships




Why Choose Smart Detailing University ?


At Smart Detailing University teaching and empowering students is the top priority of our faculty. We consider that the only measurement of success is when our students achieve the level of success they desire. Our trained staff is always available for students through our Established mentorship program to assure that every student receives the ongoing support needed as they grow.

  • 3-Professional certifications upon graduation of class
  • Learn how to succeed from the most successful team and name in the industry.
  • Professional branding with an established organization
  • Lifetime technical and business support
  • Worldwide monthly conference calls and assitance
  • Vendor support from the top manufacturing compnay in the industry Chemical Guys & Smartwax
  • Substantial discounts on tools, supplies and chemicals
  • Ongoing Students Discounts  for life
  • The most extensive Video Library of detailing on line with over 600+ Videos and over 10 Millions Views.
  • A management team of detailing professionals you can trust and depend on

What Does  Smart Detailing University  Offer?

  • Eduction at its best- The very best in auto detailing and reconditioning training with the industries only 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Total Interior and exterior detailing
  • Complete paint correction
  • Buffing, polishing, sanding and much, much more!
  • Chemicals and chemical usage
  • Business, sales and marketing techniques that work
  • Small class size
  • Windshield repair training with an exclusive NWRA Certification
  • Headlight restoration certification
  • Exclusive “Paint Coatings” Vehicle Protection Warrantee Certification
  • Lifetime business and technical support agreement
  • Learn How to Succeed from the business professionas and faculty who are industry leaders and innovators.
3 comments on “Why Get Professional Training?
  1. alex beason says:

    Do you have multiple locations. If not where isthis one at. Could u email a package of classes you have to offer. Thanks.

  2. Steve Oaughlin says:

    I would like to know the cost of the course.aLso i would like to know if there are any classed in january 2013.Please reply.Thank you.

  3. Rocco Di Francescantonio says:

    I would like to know how much is for each training programs. Thank you

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