Learn the Basics of Detailing Using our EcoFriendly Waterless Detailing System – Eco Smart. Learn to Save Water During the Drought!

This Summer we faced here in California and other States the worst drought in years – many of us had to stop using water for leisure like washing our vehicles. With Chemical Guys EcoSmart you can wash your entire vehicle without the use of water. Sounds like a gimmick? It’s not! You can wash your whole car, without scratching or damaging the paint, with this one product. If you don’t believe it or you simply want to try it out, check out our upcoming DIY Basics of Detailing Class to learn all about the proper way to wash your vehicle as well as other vital steps to caring for your vehicle.

Next Class: Saturday, September 6

The DIY Class is great for those that are looking to care for their own vehicle the proper way or those that are thinking of starting a business and want to see if it is right for them!You can sign up online: http://www.chemicalguys.com/Auto_Detailing_Training_Car_care_education_program_p/sem_1110914.htmOr call us at 877-738-1010

What do you learn?

  • Wash
  • Clay
  • Glaze
  • Wax
  • Paint Sealant
  • Quick Detailer
  • Interior Cleaning

Detailing FlowChart

DIY _ Basics of Detailing_4 DIY _ Basics of Detailing_3
DIY _ Basics of Detailing_2 DIY _ Basics of Detailing_1

Putting Years of Detailing & Reconditioning Training Success to work for our students. The Smart Detailing University hands-on training curriculum includes detailed instruction from some of the most world renowned detailing professionals. From the first day you sit in our lecture classrooms and are handed your detailer training guide, to the days that follow getting hands-on guidance in the Professional Detailing Arena. Every step brings you closer to achieving financial success and gratification as a professional detailer. Smart Detailing University teaches you important business development techniques and business growth strategies in sales and marketing, giving students immediately applicable tools that can be applied in real world situations. Smart Detailing University courses are limited to 6 students to give each student one-on-one individualized attention and guidance from one of our experienced detailing mentors. The Keys to success belong to the students!

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