Behind the Scenes Look at Master Training Class – Auto Detailing School

Many people go to college and then graduate with hopes that the dream job paying the big bucks will be waiting, but the reality is most of the time it isn’t. People spend years in college preparing for their career without a career to turn to. So why should it be any different for a career as a detailer? You may ask yourself why you should attend a training school if you can simply “teach yourself.” Rightfully so, many detailers have become quite successful learning by doing but why not attend a training to learn from those who have been there and can help you achieve a profitable and successful detailing business. We truly believe that to achieve great success one must learn to succeed from those who have succeeded.

Every month Smart Detailing University’s Master Training Class is filled with students from across the United States and countries worldwide all coming to one place to follow their passion and learn the right way to do things. Check out this behind the scenes look at our Master Training Class and the amazing students we get to meet.


Putting Years of Detailing & Reconditioning Training Success to work for our students. The Smart Detailing University hands-on training curriculum includes detailed instruction from some of the most world renowned detailing professionals. From the first day you sit in our lecture classrooms and are handed your detailer training guide, to the days that follow getting hands-on guidance in the Professional Detailing Arena. Every step brings you closer to achieving financial success and gratification as a professional detailer. Smart Detailing University teaches you important business development techniques and business growth strategies in sales and marketing, giving students immediately applicable tools that can be applied in real world situations. Smart Detailing University courses are limited to 6 students to give each student one-on-one individualized attention and guidance from one of our experienced detailing mentors. The Keys to success belong to the students!

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